Papa Roach - B Sides - 2007

01. Cicatrices (scars spanish version)
02. Scars (acoustic version)
03. Not Coming Home (KROG christmas)
04. Tightrope (rock version)
05. Americans (feat. X-Clan)
06. Anxiety (feat. Black Eyed Peas)
07. Come Apart (feat. Reach 454)
08. Conquer The World (feat. Die Trying)
09. Don't Look Back (feat. N.E.R.D.)
10. Gouge Away (cover Pixies)
11. Naked In Front Of The Computer (cover Faith no More)
12. Getting Away With... (Gran Turismo 4 Vrenna-Walsh Remix)
13. X Gonna Get Away With Murder (Papa Roach vs DMX remix)
14. Papa Roach Time And Time Again (remix)
15. Tell Me My Last Resort (Papa Roach vs Christina Millian Remix)
16. Forever Acoustic (live Kiss 106.1)
17. Harder Than A Coffin Nail (live acoustic)
18. Cocaine (live cover Queen Of Stone Age)
19. Lithium (live cover Nirvana)
20. Sweet Emotion (live cover Aerosmith)
21. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (live cover Faith No More)
22. Sex Type Thing (live cover Stone Temple Pilots)
23. ...La Cucaracha (live end)

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