System Of A Down - Demos, Covers And Live Songs - 2006

01. Bird Of Paradise (Serj Tankian on vocals featured on Bird Up The Charlie Parker Remix Project Album 2003)
02. Blue (First leaked as a demo from Self titled recording sessions 1997)
03. Cars (Demo played around 1996-1997)
04. Cherry (Internet Leaked in 2001 also known as Virgin Tea, from STA recording sessions)
05. China Girl (David Bowie Cover)
06. Cigaro Intro (My Cock (Intro Daron used to play before Cigaro)
07. Cigaro live at Hordern Pavilion 2005
08. Coming Home (Scorpions Cover)
09. Crazy Jam (Incubus Feat System of a Down in a Provision Instrumental , live at Denver 2000)
10. Don't go Wandering (SOAD and Limp Bizkit Song)
11. Drugs ! (The intro of The Lowlands Live Concert)
12. Feel Good (hed)pe Feat Serji and kiitte
13. Fuck The System - Interlude  Live Bercy 05
14. Give Peace a Chance (Scorpions Cover)
15. Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd Cover)
16. Highway Song (Only Serj in Vocal)
17. Holy Mountains (Live at Hordern Pavilion 2005)
18. Holy Mountains (Souls 04-25-05)
19. System Of A Down and Wu-Tang Clan - Shame On A Nigga

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